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The Power of Knowledge

The phrase Knowledge is Power (scientia potentia est) is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, from about 400 years ago. He was a multifaceted English statesman, and philosopher, and is known for placing importance on skepticism, observation, and a methodical approach to scientific discovery. As a statesman and Lord High Chancellor, he endured controversy in parliament, but he was instrumental in founding British colonies in Virginia, Carolina, and Newfoundland. It is said his writings on law had an influence upon the creation of the Napoleonic code. We at ProDentalFx, LLC concur with Sir Bacon on the importance of knowledge, and its capacity to empower individuals. That is why a visit to our dental office is not complete without a thorough explanation and even education on why your teeth are important, how they become diseased, and what can be done to restore them to health. As a former teacher for 12 years, Dr. Marra Alcantara takes the time to explain and make real dental concepts to every patient and she illustrates through digital imaging the processes in their mouth. This knowledge empowers patients to better prevent oral disease, and to better face problems when they occur. – ProDentalFx, LLC (Source: Wikipedia)  

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Dentist Dr. Marra Alcantara is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry. On their website is a trove of free dental information for the consumer.

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