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Dr. Marra and her team are awesome! They are very accommodating and responsive to calls and concerns. The dental service they offer is top-notch with their up to date equipments. I appreciate how they value their clients. I like how their treatment procedures for me are well planned and done accordingly. I am always satisfied and impressed for all my visits. Highly recommended 👍.
-J.M. Root

A very highly recommended dental service.
Excellent care and service from everyone.
Doc Mara is highly skilled and professional. She is very thorough and keeps you updated on every step of the treatment process.
They also have up-to-date equipment that makes the visits and treatments more comfortable.
Amy and the rest of the staff are all extremely friendly, professional and attentive to queries/concerns raised.
A dental visit is normally something you dread but Doc Mara and the whole staff made me change my view. Kudos to everyone and keep up the excellent work.
-C.V. Luntao

This office is top notch. I came in for an emergency and with an infected tooth and the treatment from the first day and all of my visits so far has been beyond excellent.
The staff was extremely friendly, and efficient. The treatment plan was clear and easy to plan. I have found a new local place and cannot recommend them enough!
-K. Dawkins

This dental office and it’s competent team made a huge difference in my dental health. From scheduling my visits, my dental management plan and payments have all been a great experience from the start. I have peace of mind knowing they’re continuously improving their practice. It’s also so caring of them to always remind me of my appointments days ahead of time. It’s a great convenience that I can just walk from my house to this clinic. All in all, I have great confidence in the way they operate and the way they handle my dental health. Dr Alcantara and Dr. Brezillion thank you for your meticulous way of caring for my oral health. To Amy, and my hygienists and staff… thank you all for helping me and my family have and maintain great dental health and for letting us have a pleasurable experience. You make a huge impact in our lives. ♥️ I appreciate each one of you!
-D. Ramos

Wow!! Best dentists office I’ve ever been to. All of the reviews are right on point for the experience you have with this team. Friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. I agree with the other reviews In saying I actually want to go to the dentist now. First time I’ve left a dentist office and actually wanted to set up my next appointment. Thanks!
-D. Acevedo

Best dentist ever. I have very sensitive gums, where brushing and flossing sometimes causes me excessive bleeding and pain. Dr. Marra is unique. First of all, she practices painless dentistry. She is meticulous in her work and takes her time. Before all procedures and most importantly during the procedures she explains to you exactly what she is doing. She is caring and gives her upmost professional advice on maintenance and prevention. Her staff Amy and Reg 🙂 are also very professional. Her assistant is highly skilled, experienced and efficient. The reception and billing staff will work tirelessly to update you on billing, appointment reminders and you will never find “surprise” fees or unexpected charges. Everything is always clearly cut and explained. I live in North Bergen and travel all the way just for her! Thanks ProDental FX. Your services are truly exceptional 🙂 Highly recommended!
-Crystal T. K.

A dream come true of a dentist! Beyond knowledgeable, transparent, passionate who knows their strengths. And that’s after the initial shock of how wonderful her staff is and how lovely her office is.
Highly recommended!

-M. Jimenez-Abdalla

Office is easy to get to whether you’re from Downtown JC, around the Heights or close to Bayonne. The office and waiting area is well lit and clean, as you would expect what dental offices should be. The receptionist is veryfriendly and Office is easy to get to whether you’re from Downtown JC, around the Heights or close to Bayonne. The office and waiting area is well lit and clean, as you would expect what dental offices should be. The receptionist is very friendly and easy to speak with. The hygienist is very helpful with the patient and assisting the main dentist Dr. Marra Alcantara.

Dr. Alcantara helps to make a visit feel less like a dental appointment (if you know what I mean) and more like personal maintenance appointment by the way she deals with her patients and how she explains the importance of teeth preservation. But she speaks in laymen’s terms, or rather in a personal manner. She really cares for her patients. She wants them to be educated instead of annoyed like they’re being lectured.

I have a great deal of confidence when it comes to Dr. Alcantara’s work whenever I have an appointment and more so each time I leave.

I highly recommend Dr. Marra Alcantara and her team.

Dr. Alcantara and staff are the best, I always look forward to my next visit. She has all the modern equipment, explains everything she is doing during your visit and cares about her patients. I can’t stress enough how great this office is, best dentist I ever had.
-Edwin Suarez Jr.

Finally! A Dentist that answers your questions and is transparent with their billing practices.
Everyone has their own expectations in what they look for in a dentist. Mine are straightforward and simple. Answer my questions and be completely transparent on how you bill a patient. You’d be surprised on how many dentists don’t even try to adhere to these two simple requirements!!

-Bonifacio D.

The best dentist I’ve ever been to.
Over the years, I’ve been to countless dentists never finding one that I felt truly comfortable with: be it their bedside manner, level of skill or ability to make me feel welcomed. I personally love going to the dentist and coming out with that deep clean feeling and fear and/or pain aren’t really issues for me. Yet, finding a dentist I genuinely liked seemed like a lost cause BUT after randomly searching my ppo’s website one day I stumbled across Dr. Alcantara and I am so happy I did. She is wonderful, truly cares about her patients and literally makes you feel like you’re part of the family. I can’t believe I lived 2 blocks away for years and never realized this gem was in my backyard. ProDentalFX has found a patient for life.

– Henrika S.

OMG!!! I love my new dentist. Dr.Marra Alcantara made me so comfortable during my first appt. today, I’m excited I can finally do what I been putting off for years! I used to be terrified of Dentists but not anymore!
Dr. Alcantara explained everything while working her magic. I was a little embarrassed about my smile but her team were very professional non judgmental and I felt relief from my pain!! I’m very satisfied and looking forward to my next visits to bring back my Million Dollar SMILE!!!
The best part is her office is local in Jersey City on Westside Ave – a 10 min walk from light rail or hop on the 80 bus.

I called dozens of dentists today for an emergency root canal and they scheduled me same day!!!!! No Pain!! Very accommodating and extremely nice. I felt that I was back in South Jersey again

Thank you thank you

I highly recommend Dr. Marra Alcantara and her amazing talented team you will be satisfied and walk away with a big smile!

– H.B. Hays

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Dentist Dr. Marra Alcantara is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry. On their website is a trove of free dental information for the consumer.

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