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Dentist Dr. Alcantara has often said that her favorite genius was Leonardo Davinci, the original renaissance man. His genius spanned science and art, from the engineering of the flying ornithopter to the beauty of the painting of the last supper, and he is a perfect model for a dentist to follow. In creating teeth, dentures, in fact a whole new smile, the dentist is keenly aware of the aesthetic aspect of their work. There is restoration in dentistry to be sure, that is restoration of teeth to their original appearance, but there is much creativity as well. For example, when we perform Invisalign, we are actually improving upon the original smile, which may be crooked, or crowded, or gapped. We create a whole new smile, and for the result to be acceptable to a patient it must be, in a word, beautiful. And the process that involves is computer-aided and depends on the science of orthodontics, tooth attachment, jaw dimension, etc, and thus closely relates to science and math. So many times when you go to a dentist, you are not seeing just a doctor. You are seeing a scientist, and maybe even more importantly, a creative artist. – ProDentalFx, LLC

Davinci's woman with an ermine.
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