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How A Good Night’s Rest Relates to Oral Health

Unbeknownst to most, getting a good night’s sleep can improve your dental health.  Not sleeping well can disturb your body’s ability to fight infection, including infections in your mouth such as gum disease (gingivitis). Poor sleep may cause your body to release inflammatory substances worsening gum disease. Vice versa, oral disorders and poor oral hygiene can cause poor sleep. Sleep apnea, a disorder where one stops breathing intermittently at night, is more common in patients who don’t brush daily. Patients who floss regularly report greater better sleep and energy levels. Lastly, sleep bruxism, where patients grind their teeth together at night, often due to high stress levels, can cause pain, interrupted sleep and sleep apnea. A lot of technical terms that simply mean sleeping well can not only improve your energy levels, but also improve your smile! Best wishes – ProDentalFx, LLC

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