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Advanced Dental Tech Here to Stay

At ProDentalFx, LLC we believe advances in dental technology can better people’s lives.  We embrace new dental technology, such as white fillings, cone beam CT scans, intraoral x-rays, and digital charts because patients experience shorter wait times, improved clinical results and less pain, with less harm to the environment. For example, the old metal fillings of the past contained mercury, a substance that can be toxic to the body. These have been replaced by advanced composite fillings, which can be made to the same color as your natural teeth, and do not cause potential allergies unlike amalgam fillings. Composite fillings actually bond to your natural teeth and strengthen the tooth and prevent against decay. Likewise, cone beam CT scans represent a major advancement. By standing comfortably upright the machine takes a scan of your entire jaw at once, so that instead of bearing with multiple seated x-rays with a film holder in the mouth the patient gets the imaging needed in one swoop. New technologies such as intraoral x-rays and digital charts help to preserve the environment. With intraoral digital x-rays the images of your teeth are directly sent to the computer, bypassing the need for chemical developing. Digital charting allows data to be sent directly to dental labs, wastes less paper, reduces the chance of losing patient data, and makes things much easier and faster for the dentist and the patient. There are literally thousands of technological improvements and refinements that go into a visit to an up-to-date and high-quality dental practice. We at ProDentalFx, LLC wish you good oral and general health, and the chance to take advantage of the latest advances in dental tech.

woman with beautiful smile
woman with beautiful smile

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Dentist Dr. Marra Alcantara is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry. On their website is a trove of free dental information for the consumer.

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