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The Tooth Fairy

Ever wonder what was the origin of the tooth fairy story? This custom, of receiving money by putting your tooth under the pillow, seems as old as time and part of many children’s growing years. Well, it was first mentioned in an article in the Chicago Tribune in 1908, by Lillian Brown, who suggested giving money to children to coax them to have their loose teeth pulled. She may have gotten the idea in turn from the Norse people of Europe, dating back 1000 years, where the parents of children gave them a “tooth fee” for the first tooth that fell out. These teeth were also felt to be good luck, and Norse warriors would fashion necklaces of teeth for luck in battle. So, this custom really is an old and venerated one, and it is probable to continue for a good long while! Best wishes – The ProDentalFx, LLC team.  (Source: The Little Royals)

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