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A Word About Halloween

Halloween is when we go about eating candy, and marks the evening before All Saint’s Day, the beginning of All Hallowtide season, which ends with All Hallow’s day. Historically, this feast season was inaugurated to celebrate the saints. But what is the dental effect of Halloween candies? The worst offenders are sour, sticky, and hard candies. Sour candies are acidic to produce that sour taste, and acidity attacks the enamel of our teeth. Sticky candy, such as caramel, adheres to your teeth, allowing bacteria time and sugar to attack your teeth. Hard candy takes longer to dissolve in your mouth, with the same effect. Better candy is chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Chocolates dissolve faster in your mouth, and dark chocolate contains less sugar than regular chocolate, as well as a substance called theobromine which has antibacterial properties and has been considered an alternative to fluoride! (source J Dent & Oral Heal.2:5, 52-56. ) Also the impact of Halloween is lessened if we don’t keep the ‘hoard’ for a long time, so consider giving excess candy away. Have a safe and happy Halloween season! – ProDentalFx, LLC

Spooky dental office with Jack O Lanterns!
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