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Pandemic got you stressed out? Your mouth Is too!

Today we are going to talk about the pandemic and your mouth. Due to increased stress as a result of the pandemic, your oral health likely took a hit.  Starting with children, who were more likely to be isolated at home, and perhaps exposed to more sugar in their diet, and having less access to dental care, more parents reported poor oral health, for example bleeding gums, in their children after the pandemic. Also, less visits to the dentist as a result of quarantine, fear, physical distancing concerns, or office closings did not help the situation. As for adults, more adults reported grinding their teeth as a result of pandemic induced psychological stress. Your dentist can help you if you have this problem, by providing information and a mouth guard that prevents you from grinding your teeth together at night. And just like with children, adults saw their oral healthcare givers less often for the same reasons. The pandemic dealt a heavy blow to us and our health, but life is slowly returning to normal, or at least a new normal. Please consider seeing your dentist, if you have not already, to start again on the journey to oral well-being. Best wishes, ProDentalFx, LLC

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