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An Attitude To Improve

“Doc, please rip out all my teeth and replace them with dentures. I want my teeth to look perfect. “

We, at ProDentalFx, LLC, are here to tell you that we have heard this many times and it is an example of an attitude that needs improving.  In certain cultures this may be the norm, as it is the easiest route when many teeth are missing, but we are here to tell you that using dentures as the first line of treatment for damaged or missing teeth is not constructive. Why do we say that? Dentures will never be as comfortable, good looking, or functional as your real teeth, even if repaired or replaced by implants.  Dentures are not comfortable because they sit on your bare gums. That’s plastic sitting on your natural tissue. That is never going to feel good. Also, they look like exactly like the material they are made of, plastic. In contrast, your natural teeth even if filled will never be replaceable in terms of looks. And crowns and implants are made of much more advanced material than plastic. They are made of composite, ceramic, or other advanced materials which can exactly mimic the color, texture and translucency of actual teeth. Furthermore, dentures are held in place with weak adhesive, and can shift in position allowing food to get underneath causing infection, and there are many foods that cannot be easily eaten with dentures, such as steak, nuts, popcorn, and sticky candies. Finally, they only last 5 years or so, whereas implants and fillings and crowns can last 20 years or more. That is why we offer many alternatives to dentures at ProDentalFx, LLC, as well as financing options to go along, to help our patients get the optimal and best possible solution to their dental needs.

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