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What Healthy Actually Means

What is health? What is normal? Sometimes the simplest questions are hardest. In medicine normal might be defined as falling within a range of values, for example your blood pressure is normal if between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg for example. But is this really a satisfactory definition of normal health? Is scientific “health” all that goes into whether we are healthy or not? This post is an opinion foremost, but it is our opinion that health is very closely related to two kinds of happiness. The first happiness is related to our agency in the world, whether we can be effective, productive, and goal-attaining people. The second happiness is related to whether we are free of pain and sorrow, and indeed have joy. Oral health in turn is closely related to these two. With clean, bright, and present teeth we can attain higher goals. With restored and maintained teeth we are free of pain and suffering.  I believe also the physical and abstract are tightly bound together; with health our abstract being, our minds, are happy, and vice-versa to some degree. With mental health, and happiness, we are able and willing to care for our teeth, and in fact our whole being. So, I think we can borrow from some Eastern traditions and place value on health as happiness, and not shun the idea of happiness in favor of mere lab values. We, at ProDentalFx, LLC, wish you the best possible version of health and happiness.

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