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The (Accidental) Discovery of Implants!

At ProDentalFx, LLC, we are proud to offer dental implants as a solution to the problem of missing teeth; but how did this advanced technology come into being? People have been trying to implant replacement teeth since 4000 years ago in China when they used bamboo pegs drilled into the jaw, and 1000 years ago in Egypt when precious metals were carved into tooth shape. Even in the 18th century dentists attempted to implant teeth replacements into the jawbone using all manner of materials like 24 carat gold and platinum, without success because these metals did not fuse to the bone, which was necessary for the implant to stay attached to the jaw and therefore function as a tooth. The solution to the problem of fusing the implant to the bone was discovered by accident, when in 1952, an orthopedic surgeon and professor, Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark, during a study on bone healing, placed titanium into a rabbit’s femur and had later difficulty removing it – it had ‘fused’ to the bone. This bony fusion he hypothesized could have many applications, and ever since titanium has been used in dental implants and elsewhere because titanium fuses to bone when it heals. As a side note it is poetic that titanium has this biomechanical property, as engineers choose it for its structural properties in aerospace and other advanced applications. Therefore, quite like the discovery of penicillin, and vulcanized rubber, the discovery of titanium as the future material of tooth implants was an accident. This technology has been refined through the years since that initial discovery, and is now the premier treatment for tooth loss. Best Wishes! – ProDentalFx, LLC (Source:

Dental Implant in bone graphic
Dental Implant in bone graphic

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