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Tartar vs Plaque??

What is the difference between tartar and plaque? That might be one of those mysteries you may be contemplating. Well plaque is the result of bacteria growing on the surface of your teeth, which release acid to help digest carbohydrates in your mouth. The combination of bacteria, carbs and acid forms a thin layer on the surface of your teeth which we call plaque. Plaque is harmful because it causes cavities. If left unremoved plaque hardens into an adherent, stony-hard, difficult to remove deposit on your teeth called tartar. This tarter cannot be removed with a toothbrush or floss, but requires mechanical scraping or ultrasonic probe that vibrates it off. That is the difference between plaque and tartar in a nutshell. What to do about it? Brushing twice a day for 2-3 minutes, flossing, and consuming less carbs, sugar and soda along with visiting the dentist will go a long way in preserving your healthy teeth. Best wishes! – The ProDentalFx, LLC team

Mother And Daughter Brushing Teeth Together
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